Chiropractic Adjustment And Maintenance Care – How Often Should You visit A Chiropractor?

Chiropractic Adjustment

If you are suffering from any kind of pain in your body system, you will have aching days and sleepless nights. Pain can affect people of all ages and may attack you at any time. Whether it is a muscle or skeleton pain, you may need a regular chiropractic adjustment diagnosis for your pain.

What is a chiropractic adjustment and maintenance care?

A chiropractic adjustment is a therapeutic treatment in which a licensed medical specialist, termed as a chiropractor, applies controlled pressure to your joints with the help of their hands or some special instruments. 

A chiropractic adjustment is specially used to reduce pain which arises due to displacement in your musculoskeletal structure. It mainly involves spinal joints manipulation.

Your back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and muscles aches are the common problems which require chiropractic treatments to restore your painless mobility. Such pain may arise due to accidental injuries, muscle strains, poor posture, and obesity. Chiropractic adjustments are safe and painless, and ensure proper alignment of your musculoskeletal structure. It enables the body to heal itself without the need for any surgery or medication.

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Chiropractic maintenance care is a preventative treatment to avoid joint and spinal pain in the future for the people with a past history of chiropractic adjustment. This ensures that a previously recovered injury does not resurface and minimizes the risk of developing any new injuries. It helps you to maintain your optimal body function.

How does chiropractic adjustment work?

During your first visit, your chiropractor will physically examine your body to identify the cause of your pain. Later, they will develop a suitable treatment plan for your chiropractic adjustments to begin. Then, they will make you lie down on a specially padded table in a particular position. Your chiropractor will then apply controlled and sudden force to the affected area or a specific joint.

This may create popping or cracking sounds. The amount of applied force depends on your age and severity of your pain. Your musculoskeletal structure will get back in alignment to relieve your pain.

Why do you need chiropractic adjustment?

You may need chiropractic adjustment to get relieve from pains due to improper alignment of your musculoskeletal structure. It not only relieves of your pain but also boosts your immune system, reduces muscle spasms, restricts arthritic inflammations, and encourages improved flexibility and mobility. It encourages fast recovery of your injuries to promote overall wellbeing and spinal health.

Here are signs that indicates when you need chiropractic adjustment –

  1. You have chronic headache and migraine due to inflammation of your muscles and joints.
  2. Suffering from acute or chronic joint pain, muscle pain, or back pain.
  3. You experiences limited range of motion due to reduced flexibility.
  4. If you are a sportsperson and need to avoid future pains to stay active.
  5. Have an on-going pain due to some recent injuries.
  6. If you sit for longer period to fulfill your job requirements.

How frequently should you visit a chiropractor?

The frequency of getting a chiropractic adjustment depends on various factors like your overall health, level of pain, and the type of treatment your body requires. On detailed observations of your pain, the chiropractor will develop your treatment plan and its duration. Generally, the type of your chiropractic adjustment will also decide how often you should visit your chiropractor.

You can read on to find out your frequency of visit.

  1. Maintenance adjustments – These adjustments helps you to minimize the risk of new injuries after a recovered injury. In such cases, you will need to visit your chiropractor once or twice a month. This range mainly includes athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  2. Injury adjustments – Any recent or new injury may require initial visit process to complete deep examination of your pain followed by commencing treatments from the next visit onwards. Hence, this is a long process and requires you to visit them once in every week.
  3. Minor pain – During first two weeks, you may need to visit your chiropractor once a week which will gradually decrease.
  4. Chronic Pain – In such situations, you will need to visit your chiropractor too often till your conditions improve.

Generally, your frequency of visit reduces as your pain starts to heal. If your pain does not decrease over time, you may need frequent visit for a bit longer time.


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