List of Foods to Eat with Acid Reflux – Reduce Your Heartburn


A burning hot sensation in the chest, a bitter aftertaste in the mouth, and gassy bloating in the stomach are all symptoms of acid reflux, which is uncomfortable. But your diet can have an effect. The best and worst foods for acid reflux may influence whether you experience this discomfort.

What Makes Acid Reflux Worse?

When the sphincter at the base of the esophagus is not functioning properly, fluid from the stomach might enter the esophagus and cause acid reflux. According to UH gastrointestinal surgeon Leena Khaitan, MD, ‘the worst foods for reflux might exacerbate uncomfortable symptoms while other foods can alleviate them’.

Changes in diet can greatly reduce acid reflux and spare you from other therapies, according to Dr. Khaitan.

Best Foods to Eat with Acid Reflux

Avoiding meals that aggravate it is the best method to lower your risk of acquiring acid reflux. The foods on the following list can lessen your symptoms and help with acid reflux.

1. Watery Foods

Consuming foods high in water might weaken and dilute gastric acid. These foods are high in fiber and contain iron, magnesium, folate, phytates, and numerous nutrients healthy for your digestive health. Select foods like:

  • Celery
  • Broth-based soups
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Watermelon
  • Herbal tea

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Despite the fact that there is inadequate evidence to back up this claim, many people sincerely believe that eating apple cider vinegar reduces acid reflux.

However, you shouldn’t ever consume it while paying attention because it has a potent acid that could irritate your oesophagus.

Instead, mix a little bit with warm water and consume it together with meals. Even after trying these foods, if your symptoms are getting worse then we would suggest you go for a gastroenterologist.

3. High-fiber Foods

Fibrous foods make you feel full, which lowers your risk of overeating, which can worsen heartburn. So, fill up on these foods’ beneficial fiber:

  • Beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes are examples of root vegetables.
  • Brown rice, couscous, and other whole grains
  • Green vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, and asparagus

4. Alkaline Foods

The pH scale, which shows how acidic a substance is, varies among different foods. Low-pH foods are acidic and more inclined to cause reflux. Higher pH values are alkaline and can help balance out strong stomach acid. Included in alkaline foods are:

  • Bananas
  • Fennel
  • Melons
  • Cauliflower
  • Nuts

5. Milk

Milk is frequently recommended as a heartburn remedy. But you must keep in mind that there are various types of milk, including whole milk with all the fat, 2% fat, and skim or nonfat milk.

Milk fat might make acid reflux symptoms worse. Nonfat milk, however, can temporarily obstruct the stomach lining from the stomach’s acidic contents and offer quick relief from heartburn symptoms.

The same calming effects of low-fat yogurt are also present, along with a hearty serving of probiotics (beneficial bacteria that improve digestion).

6. Lean Meat

Another fantastic technique to prevent acid reflux is by eating lean proteins. Fish, chicken, and turkey should all be eaten skinless because they are low in fat and contain omega fatty acids.

Poaching, baking, broiling, grilling, and grilling are the best ways to prepare meat. Avoid frying anything. Lean meats are an excellent source of protein in addition to fish providing the majority of the vitamins and minerals you need.

7. Ginger

Being an anti-inflammatory, ginger is a natural remedy for acid reflux and heartburn. Your symptoms can be relieved by slicing, grating, or mincing ginger and adding it to meals or smoothies.

Others choose to chew on low-sugar dried ginger to achieve the same results. Before or after meals, sipping caffeine-free ginger tea may also be beneficial.

6. Yogurt

Due to the bacteria in yogurt that aid in restoring regular intestinal function, yogurt that is not very sour is also fantastic for acid reflux. Additionally containing protein, yogurt eases stomach aches and frequently has a cooling effect.

Here is the detail for choosing the right type of yogurt:

  • Go for a low-fat or fat-free yogurt to lessen acid reflux symptoms.
  • Try yogurt with live cultures as it can help to promote healthy digestion and reduce acid reflux symptoms.
  • Avoid flavoured yogurt because the sugar content may be very high and exacerbate your symptoms.
  • Select plain yogurt instead, then sweeten it with honey.
  • If you can’t tolerate lactose, you can alternatively try yoghurt prepared from coconut or almond milk.

Additional Tips to Manage Acid Reflux

You can manage these symptoms with dietary and nutritional adjustments in addition to lifestyle modifications. Try the following advice:

  • Consume antacids and other drugs that lessen the generation of acid. (Overuse may result in undesirable side effects.)
  • Keep a normal weight.
  • Chew gum devoid of peppermint or spearmint flavor.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Give up smoking.
  • Eat mindfully and slowly.
  • After eating, stay upright for at least 2 hours.
  • Keep your clothing loose.
  • Three to four hours before going to bed, avoid eating.
  • Raising your bed’s head by 4 to 6 inches will help you sleep better while experiencing GERD symptoms.

Ending Notes

You can drastically reduce your acid reflux symptoms and put an end to any pain or suffering you may have been experiencing by making a few dietary modifications.

Consult a gastroenterologist about your treatment choices if you believe you get acid reflux twice a week or more.

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