Mike Patton Mental Health Reasons

Mike Patton Mental Health

According to the band, keeping the dates would have had a profoundly negative effect on Mike Patton Mental Health, whose value to us as a brother is greater than his job as a singer.Mike Patton Mental Health has canceled upcoming Faith No More tour dates, scheduled to begin in Missouri this Thursday. He cited mental health issues as the reason. Faith No More’s first American tour in five years would have taken place during the dates. Mr. Bungle’s upcoming tour dates have been canceled by Patton as well. The following statements from Patton and the band provide information on impacted dates.

Mike is more valuable to Faith No More as a brother than his job as a singer, and we believe going forward would have profoundly damaged him,” the band wrote in a statement. We will support him 100 percent so he can fix what needs to be fixed. Please also support us at this time.”

Mike Patton:

Unfortunately, I’m unable to perform Faith No More or Mr. Bungle as scheduled due to mental health issues.

Right now, I am dealing with issues that were exacerbated by the pandemic. I can’t give what I should at this time, and I will not give anything less than my best. Thank you for your support, and I hope to make it up to you soon.

We look forward to healthily working through this with the support of the bands.

Mike Bordin, Roddy Bottum, Billy Gould, and Jon Hudson are Faith No More:

Our hearts are broken by these cancellations, and that is an understatement. The return to this music after a five-year absence has been difficult, but we have been hard at work for a few months now, and these last few rehearsals left no doubt that we were back to our best, making this statement extremely difficult.

After almost two years of pandemics and little work, the news has been heartbreaking for our crew. Our crew is like family to us. Then, equally important, we acknowledge what this means to our fans, who have been patiently supporting us-hoping, as we have, for a break from this frustrating situation. The isolation has been quite challenging, and many people have patiently waited as shows have been postponed repeatedly. It has been a difficult time.

Despite all this, we have a family member who needs assistance. The fact that these dates were to go ahead would have had a profoundly destructive effect on Mike, whose value as a brother means more to us than his job as a singer. If he needs to do anything to make things right, he can count on our full support. If you need our support now, please do so.

Thank you for continuing to believe in us.

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