What Are the Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet?

Deer Antler Velvet

Antler velvet is used on a large scale for treating different health problems. It boosts strength, enhances the working of the immune system, and helps in speedy recovery from illness. It is helpful to ward off other infections. The extracts and powders of dear velvet Bodybuilders athletes use them to gain strength and endurance. The benefits of deer antler velvet will be discussed further in this article.

Potential benefits:

Deer antler velvet has bioactive compounds and some beneficial nutrients. Research proved that deer antler velvet supplements are beneficial for human health. These include:

Bone growth:

A test-tube experiment suggested that antler velvet can repair cartilage damage and several bone diseases. It also can increase bone length and enzymatic levels of bone.

Strengthening properties:

Different experiments have been conducted and tried on giving mice antler velvet supplements. The supplements helped in reducing fatigue and improved strength.


The antler velvet help in the treatment of high cholesterol. It can reduce the cholesterol level if it increases from normal.

Benefits for women:

Women use the deer antler velvet for several purposes. It helps to reduce the dose of estrogen. They can use it as a replacement for hormone therapy. For treating menstrual and menopause issues, these supplements are used.

Benefits for men:

Some men use deer antler velvet to raise testosterone levels and improve fertility. It has been proven that these supplements are helpful.

Benefits for children:

In children, it is highly beneficial. The antler velvet is a tonic for treating mental retardation. It is used to treat learning disabilities. Nowadays, slow growth is becoming an issue and a large scale. The antler velvet has abilities to treat this problem. It also helps to treat the problems such as rickets.

Other benefits:

It improves eyesight, reduces stress and treat osteoporosis. Stress is a world wide issue which causes high blood pressure and several more diseases. It is the root cause. The antler velvet and some herbal combinations help in reducing stress. It also helps to reduce muscle degeneration. For proper working of brain blood circulation plays a very important role. Some herbal combinations with deer velvet helps in the proper circulation. This will ultimately lead to enhance the mental skills and thinking capabilities of people at any age.

Immune system:

It has substances that help proper functioning of immune system. Immunoglobins fight against infectious particles, antler velvet  is a source of production of Immunoglobins. It boosts and strengthen the activity of immune system to fight against harmful foreign antigens.


Antlerr velvet contains a protein called pilose which has anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to recover the patients suffering from arthritis as it is rich in collagen.

Hair growth:

In the follicle region cell proliferation is regulated and anagen phase is extended by antler velvet. It helps in hair growth. The growth is promoted by using different extracts of antler velvet. It must be used along with dietary supplements.

Anti-Cancer properties:

It is elucidate by recent study that antler are now evolved so much that they can show high rate of growth; the reason behind this is the expression of proto-oncogenes. They also have expressed several genes, tumor suppressor genes, as they reduce the risk of cancer. T might be able to explain why deer antler velvet extract has shown antitumor activity.

Healing of wounds:

In a test on rodents (Wang,1985), bone fractures were sped up. It was discovered that the horn helped heal epidermal wounds in rats. It was reported that a new bone formation in some experiments proved that pretreatment in rats reduced degeneration and recovery times after exposure to high temperature and electric shock. It happened because of antler velvet.

Fat loss:

Antler velvet reduces the movement of glucose through the body. They use fat as an energy source instead of glucose. As The level of IGF-1 increases, the body builds muscle, quickly recovers from injuries, and burns fat.

Repair tissues:

IGF 1 is a growth factor that is produced by human nature. It plays a significant role in rIt repairs tissues and muscle growth. It can be taken in the form of a powder supplement.

Side effects:

It is not a steroid. It is made from natural substances. There are no side effects known yet. Nutrients of antler velvet are digested by the body and are quickly expelled within 24-72 hours.

There are no adverse side effects except for headaches.

Burn fats

Sometimes extra fats get stored in the body fur to overeating and mismanagement of diet.  The deer antler velvet helps remove this fat from removing.  It is a spray you can use on the overweight parts of your body and thus burn the extra fats. This spray is considered to be very helpful in accepting, and it allows a person to re, main he allows in his life.

The price of this spray is also very affordable. Its availability is also straightforward. You can easily buy it online, or you can also get it from the different nearby stores too.


The fitness of a person is essential for its successful life.This spry  deer antler velvet is proven to be very beneficial in maintaining the fitness if the person. As it remove the toxic affects from the body so it keeps a person fit. It seems be proven in removing the extra fat from the body. So the affects of antler velvet is proven to be very successful to keep a person physically and mentally fit.


It has been proved through different experiments that deer and velvet elimination removes creatures. Its effects fertility, treats erectile dysfunction in males, and h   other beneficial effects; it is affected in this article. In keeping experiments conducted on mice than on humans. It recovers different bone diseases and helps in growth. The place s point is that it has fewer side effects than other medicines used for treating various health problems. It is primarily quickly used in western countries as its Tonic. It is used over a wide range as it is beneficial.

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